News, 31 March 2020

(COVID-19) Le Vietnam ferme ses frontières avec le Laos et le Cambodge

HANOI, 31 mars (Xinhua) -- Le Vietnam fermera mercredi ses points de passages frontaliers avec le Laos et le Cambodge afin de limiter la ...

Laos allows shuttle flights to evacuate foreigners

VIENTIANE (Xinhua): Shuttle flights will be allowed for countries to pick up their citizens from Laos, the Lao foreign minister said when briefing foreign ...

China-Laos railway communication signal project commenced

... station in the outskirts of the Lao capital on Tuesday morning, the China-Laos Railway communication signal project has been officially commenced.

COVID-19 Cases Rise Across Southeast Asia as Governments Step Up Damage Control

The Laos-Soviet Union friendship hospital in Vientiane, pictured in this March 25, 2020 photo, is one of the Lao government-designated hospitals ...

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